The Investment Road to Freedom

March 11th, 2015 at 12:26 pm

Option Trade – RUTH

Today I added Ruth’s Hospitality Group Inc to my portfolio for the first time. The company owns many restaurants worldwide with the biggest being Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse which is a high priced place to eat. RUTH is very new to the dividend game with May 2013 being the first dividend payment they offered. That rate was $.0.04 and they raised it to $0.05 in Mar 2014 and again in Feb 2015 to $0.06. I consider this purchase to be the highest risk company in my portfolio but it’s a company I like very much and hope to be part of for years to come. Total revenue (dollar amounts in thousands) in 2012 was 310,285, 322,354 in 2013 and 346,097 in 2014. Market Cap stands at $525.25 million and while I normally don’t get involved in companies this small I believe they have growth ahead of them.

  • With the stock trading at $15.11 I sold to open 1 x Apr 2015 $15 put at $0.49 x 100 which after commission earned me $34.02 or 2.27%. This is in my IRA.

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