The Investment Road to Freedom

April 24th, 2012 at 4:24 pm

Added Additional Shares – Ford

Today I increased my holding in the American car giant, Ford (F), by adding 51 shares priced at $11.60 each into my IRA account for a cost of $600.55 including commissions. Combined with the 24 shares I hold in my taxable account this takes my total number of shares to 75 with a break even price of $12.06.

I decided to act after Ford regained it’s investment grade rating from global ratings agency, Fitch. Ford has had a tough decade but managed to fight of bankruptcy and is slowly inching itself back to financial health. At the end of 2011 Ford had 11 straight quarters of profit and this year resumed dividend payments after a gap of 5 years.

When I originally purchased Ford back in March I had a goal of between $15 and $18 and I still see this as a reachable goal.



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