The Investment Road to Freedom

February 2nd, 2013 at 3:30 pm

January 2013 – Month in Review

The Investment Road to Freedom fund increased during January to $14804.94, an increase of $905.62 from December. My goal for 2013 is for the fund to reach $25000 and I am only $10k or so away from that so I feel I can reach this if I keep growing at this rate month after month.

New Purchases:
Ford – 76 shares at $13.77 (total $1055.47 including commission) This is in my taxable account.

BAC – My 100 shares were assigned away from me on Jan 18th. Total profit from this trade is $247.10 and a 46% gain in 423 days. ($4 in dividends, $39.02 in options and $204.08 in capital gains). This was my first trade ever and at the time I really had no idea what I was doing. I have learned a lot since then. This is in my taxable account.

Option Trades:
Ford – BTC JAN2014 $15 covered call. This was actually one of those situations were you make a mistake and learn something after the fact. This mistake cost me $124. This is in my IRA.
Ford – STO MAR2013 $14 covered call for $0.32 x 100. This is in my IRA.


Deposits: $793.68
Slightly lower than last month. Out of this figure $293.68 went to my 401k, $400 went to taxable account and $100 to IRA.

Investment Road to Freedom fund value:
The fund value stands at $14804.94 which is up 6.51% from the previous month.
The breakdown of the individual accounts show

  • 401k = $6363.69 +6.48%
  • IRA = $2516.37 +5.16%
  • Taxable = $2886.82 +13.13%
  • Other = $2392.13 +3.08%
  • EF = $645.93 -1.78%

Credit Card Debt:
Stands at $3877.92

Loan for Sofa:
$1996.03. We purchased a new sofa back in September with 12 months free interest.

$170471.23. Our monthly payment is $1284.97. For the January payment $234.94 went to the principal, $693.49 went to interest and $356.54 went to escrow.

Income from Pay:
$3530.86. This is my take home amount. I get paid by the hour and this month I missed out on a lot of OT due to having the flu twice.

Income from Credit Card Rewards:

$26648. This is an increase of 10.34% from December.


My income was lower than I expected but I’m happy to be pushing the $15k mark for my Investment Road to Freedom fund. The $25 in CC rewards is nice and February I should get my American Express Costco cash back as well. Hope everyone had a great month!



  • JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit
    5:53 am on February 4th, 2013 1

    Congrats on a great month! Sorry to hear you were sick twice. I had about a 4-5 day stretch in early January where I felt just horrible. Don’t think it was the flu but it wasn’t fun by any means.

    A 10% increase in your net worth is quite impressive. And I hear ya on the learning after the fact with that covered call on F. But at least you learned it now and won’t make that mistake again.

    5:13 pm on February 4th, 2013 2

    Thanks JC. It’s always good to get the mistakes out of the way at the beginning of a journey. Hope you have a great month.