The Investment Road to Freedom

March 1st, 2013 at 9:14 pm

February 2013 – Month in Review

Another month gone. So how did I do?

New Purchases: None

Sales: None

Option Trades: $29.04
Ford – STO MAY2013 $14 covered call at $0.36 x 100. This earned me $21.01 after commission. This is in my Taxable account.
Ford – BTC MAR2013 $14 covered call at $0.02 x 100. This cost me $6.98 after commission. This is in my IRA.
Ford – STO APR2013 $13 covered call at $0.30 x 100. This earned me $15.01 after commission. This is in my IRA.


Deposits: $1518.12
Great month! I received my 401k match this month so I am counting that towards this figure. We get the match twice a year. Out of this figure $998.12 went to my 401k ($702.49 was the matched amount), $400 went to taxable account and $120 to IRA.

Investment Road to Freedom fund value:
The fund value stands at $16213.16 which is up 9.51% from the previous month.
The breakdown of the individual accounts show

  • 401k = $7387.31 +16.9%
  • IRA = $2612.12 +3.82%
  • Taxable = $3265.54 +13.12%
  • Other = $2259.53 -5.54%
  • EF = $688.66 +6.61%

Credit Card Debt:
Stands at $4122.72

Loan for Sofa:
$1707.03. We purchased a new sofa back in September with 12 months free interest.

$170235.34. Our monthly payment is $1284.97. For the January payment $235.89 went to the principal, $692.54 went to interest and $356.54 went to escrow.

Income from Pay:
$3614.07. This is my take home amount. I get paid by the hour. I beat January by $83.21.

Income from Credit Card Rewards:
$228.69. This month I got my American Express Costco Credit Card reward coupon. It will come in handy especially as we got to do our taxes tomorrow.

$28240. This is an increase of $1595 from January.


Great month with my 401K match. Any time you get free money it is good. I don’t really view it as free money.  I work hard for my income so I consider it a bonus. My overall Investment Road to Freedom fund increased by 9.51% this month which is fantastic. I’m only 3 or so months away from breaking the $20k mark. The increase in fund value and the 401k match made February a great month but I also started to paper trade to refine my skills when it comes to options. March is when all my holdings pay a dividend and I expect to pass the $30k net-worth point. Hope everyone had a great month!

  • JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit
    9:32 am on March 3rd, 2013 1

    Congrats on a solid month. I know how you feel with the dividends being clustered, around 75% of my portfolio pays in March so the payout is much larger than the others. Looks like you got some milestones coming up. It feels good to be able to scratch some of those off the list. Keep up the good work!

    7:29 pm on March 4th, 2013 2

    Thanks JC. I expect March to be my best dividend month so far. Hope you are doing well.