The Investment Road to Freedom

March 11th, 2014 at 8:32 pm

February 2014 – Month In Review

It’s been a while since I posted anything and I’m trying to change that and keep my blog more up to date. Anyway let’s look at last month.

New Purchases: None.

Sales: None.

Option Trades: $30.01

Coca-Cola (KO) – BTC Mar2014 $40 put at $2.90 x 100. This cost me $304.99 after commission. This is in my Taxable account.
Coca-Cola (KO) – STO Aug2014 $40 put at $3.50 x 100. This earned me $335.00 after commission. This is in my Taxable account.

Total option income for 2014 stands at $87.02.

Dividends: None

Total dividends for 2013 stand at $0

Deposits: $327.35

Terrible month! Spent the month saving to pay our taxes which was $1400. Out of this $327.35, $232.35 went to my 401K, $65 to my Roth IRA and $20 went to my taxable account. Total deposits for the year stand at $977.35 or an average of $488.68 per month. My goal is $1000 so I need to really pick this up.

Investment Road to Freedom fund value:

The fund value stands at $26776.03.

The breakdown of the individual accounts show

  • 401k = $11885
  • IRA = $5025
  • Taxable = $7530
  • Other = $1987
  • EF = $141
  • Lending Club = $235

Credit Card Debt: $3435

I need to work on lowering this.

Car Loan: $31030

New Toyota Tundra purchased on Memorial day. I’m looking forward to paying this down.

Mortgage: $174909

Our monthly payment is $1210. We recently refinanced to remove MIP .

Income from Pay: $3963

This is my take home amount.

Income from Credit Card Rewards: $101.96

This is from my Amex Costco card. This cash back reward is issued every February. I hope to break the $1000 in credit card rewards this year.

Net-worth: $69996

At 36 years of age I would have liked to have thought I was worth more than this but when I look back a year ago my net-worth was $28,240. That is a 148% increase!


Like I said at the top of this page I aim to update my blog more often. Tomorrow I will post my 2014 goals (a little late I know!) February was a tough month what with saving for taxes. Hope to make up some ground in March


  • Brent @ All About Interest
    6:44 pm on March 12th, 2014 1

    I really dislike tax time and I am waiting until April to file since I owe. Is there any reason you keep a balance on your credit card? I always have a balance but it is set up to auto pay the balance each month due to the large interest rate. Congrats on the large net worth boost and good luck with your goals.

    7:41 pm on March 12th, 2014 2

    It’s a zero interest card that I used for a vacation which is the only reason I carry a balance on that one. Once that is gone I’ll never carry a balance again.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well